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Life Insurance

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Whole (Final Expense) 

Whole life insurance policies are designed to provide coverage for the entire life of the insured. These policies also build cash that can be paid to the policy owner or pay up the policy so that additional monthly payments are no longer needed. Both the premium and the death benefit are guaranteed never to change. Core Planning can assist you in obtaining a whole life insurance policy regardless of your health condition. We also are contracted with life insurance companies that offer immediate approval for whole life coverage for ages 0 – 89 that is effective with no waiting period.

Term (Income Replacement/Mortgage Protection/Credit Protection) 

Term life policies provide coverage for a specified term; typically for a 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 year period. Once the term expires coverage typically ends. These policies typically do not build cash value, however some term policies offer a refund of all premiums paid once the term expires. Both the death benefit and the premium in a term life policy can be fixed or adjustable during the life of the policy. Core Planning offers term life policies that are issued both with and without a medical examination. This coverage is typically available for those ages 17-70.

Universal (Final Expense/Income Replacement/Asset Maximization)

watts_rsLike term life insurance, universal life insurance policies are designed to last for a specified term, although that term may be until the insured reaches age 121 years old. And, like whole life insurance these policy also build cash value over time. However, premiums in these policies typically increase while cash value decreases as the insured ages. Universal life polices can be structured to maximize cash value or death benefit depending on the needs of the client. Core Planning offers term life policies that are issued both with and without a medical examination. This coverage is typically available for those ages 17-80.

Extra Help Program Assistance

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CorePlanning is contracted with various Medicare Advantage carriers. These private insurance companies contract with Medicare to provide seniors with healthcare and a variety of other services such as Dental, Vision, and over the counter benefits. Agents offer free assistance Medicare recipients on how their existing plan works and how to use all the benefits within their plan. Also Core Planning agents can provide information on applying for Florida and Alabama Medicare Extra Help Program that allows seniors to maintain their Part B Medicare coverage without having the monthly premium deducted from their monthly social security check. Enrolling in the extra help program can result in co-pays at the doctor’s office being reduced to $0. Let a Core Planning agent assist you determining your eligibility and enrollment in the Extra Help Program: its free; its fast; you could save hundreds of dollars per year.


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An annuity is a retirement account that allows your nest egg to grow without risk to principal. While the market allows your money the opportunity for substantial growth, the risk involved could result a loss of your entire retirement savings. Seniors often are looking for an investment where the money saved while working is protected from losses. Most turn to banks (CDs) which offer protection from loss however any growth is almost non-existent. Annuities are accounts with insurance companies that allow you a comfortable balance where your retirement income can participate in market gains and provide you with the security of knowing your principal investment and gains are protected from loss. Ask a Core Planning agent about starting an annuity account and securing your retirements savings/estate.